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Training and Education

Check the Events page for upcoming Training and Education


Online Ordering — Instructions on how to order VFC and VFAAR vaccine through KIDS Plus IIS. This is a mandatory webinar training.

Online Returns — Instructions on how to return non-viable VFC and VFAAR vaccine through KIDS Plus IIS, and introduces new features in KIDS Plus IIS as it involves inventory and ordering. This is a mandatory webinar training.

Vaccines For Children

Immunization Techniques — Half-day, interactive, education sessions focus on the basics of vaccine preventable diseases, vaccines, immunization administration techniques, and pediatric immunization schedules.

Office Managers — One and one-half hours education session will focus on the policies, procedures, and practices of the VFC and AFIX programs.

Continuing Medical Education

Infant ImmunizationAvailable until June 30, 2016 — The Health Department is offering free one-hour, on-site training by local pediatric experts. Topics include the recommended immunization schedule, immunology, techniques for improving immunization rates, and local epidemiology. The focus is on Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Influenza, and DTaP vaccines.

Adult Immunization — The Immunization Program will offer education for health centers and pharmacists. . This program is in development, and will include information on the best practices for pharmacies, adult immunizations, Immunization Information System (IIS) regulations, and training on accessing accurate patient immunization histories in KIDS Plus IIS.