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VFC/VFAAR Re-enrollment Begins Today!

VFC/VFAAR Re-enrollment Begins Today!

The Philadelphia Vaccines for Children (VFC)/ Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR) annual re-enrollment period is now open!  

Sites enrolled in VFC and/or VFAAR must submit a re-enrollment form by June 30th  in order to continue to participate in these programs.
Follow these 3 easy steps, for a smooth re-enrollment!

1. Complete this survey
Your answers will help us better support you throughout the next year. A submission is required to complete re-enrollment for your site.

2. Update Clinic Tools
Update the information indicated for your site in the Clinic Tools, Clinic Information module. Use these job aids to guide you through making needed changes to the clinic tools page:

3. Use these job aids to guide you through the enrollment form step by step:

Do you have the access to PhilaVax that you need?

The vaccine coordinator and medical director must log into the PhilaVax IIS to access, complete and sign the electronic re-enrollment form. If you have not completed the 2023 User Confidentiality Agreement to renew your account or do not have a PhilaVax user account, use the link below to complete it now.

PhilaVax User Confidentiality Agreement 

If you have trouble accessing the above link or you have a PhilaVax account and need to update your password, you can email for assistance. 

We’re here to help! Having trouble, email to connect with our team.