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Vaccine Product Available Through VFC: Abrysvo

Vaccine Product Available Through VFC: Abrysvo

Abrysvo is a maternal RSV vaccine available through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. 

RSV is surging and the pediatric infant immunization Beyfortus supply is severely limited. Abrysvo will play an important role in protecting infants against severe RSV disease this season. Most infants born to mothers who have received Abrysvo will not need to receive Beyfortus. 

Please note that the availability of Abrysvo for VFC providers is limited. Only sites that care for pregnant people under 19 can order, and orders will be limited to 5 doses per site at a time.


Abrysvo is a Pfizer product now available through the Vaccines Children (VFC) program.

  • CVX code: 305
  • CPT code: 90678
  • NDC number: 00069-0344-01

V-safe, one of several systems CDC uses to closely monitor the safety of vaccines, will be used as a health check for pregnant people who receive a maternal RSV vaccine.

For more information, review the package insert.

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