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Tips for Managing Short-Dated COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory

Tips for Managing Short-Dated COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory

COVID-19 vaccine shipped by McKesson in the following months will be short-dated, meaning the manufacturer expiration dates will be shorter than usual.  

McKesson will continue distributing COVID-19 doses until the vaccines are within 30 days of expiry.  

Here are some tips for managing short-dated COVID-19 vaccine inventory:

  • Order smaller quantities of vaccines more frequently while maintaining a 3–4 week vaccine supply.  
  • Make note vaccine expiration dates when receiving shipments and routinely check expiration dates when completing monthly reconciliations.  
  • Rotate short-dated vaccines to the front of the inventory and use them first.
  • Conduct outreach to Bridge Access Program and Vaccines for Children (VFC) eligible patients and schedule them to get vaccinated before doses expire. 

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