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Supply Updates and Borrowing VFC Doses

Supply Updates and Borrowing VFC Doses

The nirsevimab supply shortage continues to evolve and is not expected to resolve soon. Review this CDC advisory with updates about nirsevimab supply and recommendations to prioritize the use of the limited supply of this product.

With these limitations, the Immunization Program wants to remind providers that borrowing of VFC vaccine should be extremely limited. The goal of the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program is to vaccinate VFC eligible children. Given this landscape, please be aware of the following:

  •  It is neither practical nor feasible for the Philadelphia VFC program to allow borrowing during these times of supply constraints.
  • While there are supply constraints for nirsevimab, VFC supply stock should remain prioritized for VFC eligible children. 
  • If you have questions about borrowing, you can email To borrow vaccine, you must first reach out to to request a borrowing form. Private vaccine borrowed without approval may not be replaced.

These constraints do not apply to COVID-19 vaccine. Please ensure that you have COVID-19 vaccine on hand for your VFC-eligible, private, and CHIP-insured patients. If your site still needs to access COVID-19 vaccine privately, you can reach out to our local pharmaceutical representatives listed below:

Novavax: Rich Aceto –
Pfizer: Brian Bengston –
Moderna: Lynne Timby –