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Recommend HPV Vaccine at Every Visit! 

Recommend HPV Vaccine at Every Visit! 

The HPV vaccine is approved for ages 9 years through 45 years for all genders. The American Cancer Society and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend vaccination at age 9. 

Early vaccination at age 9-10 years has several benefits, including more robust immune response and increased likelihood of completing the series.

March 4 is International HPV Awareness Day!

To help increase HPV vaccination rates back to pre-pandemic levels:

  • Recommend HPV vaccine at every visit for 9-26-year-olds who have not begun or completed their series. Data shows that your recommendation may improve vaccination rates by 5 times. 
  • For adults aged 26 years through 45 years, engage in shared decision making to help determine the benefits of vaccination.  
  • Vaccination recommendations should be made in all healthcare settings, including acute, non-acute, GYN, dental, and pharmacy locations. 

Steps to Recommend HPV Vaccine to Hesitant Parents

Use a Presumptive Announcement Approach

  • Your child is __ years old.
  • Today, they are eligible to receive Tdap, HPV, and MCV vaccine.
  • We will make sure they get all these shots to keep them safe and healthy.

If parent hesitates:

Connect and Counsel:

  • What’s your main concern?
  • Counsel using a research-tested method (ex.”Over 30,000 Americans get cancer from HPV every year. Most could be prevented with the HPV vaccine.”)

If parent declines:

Try Again

  • Almost 70% of parents who initially declined later agree to HPV vaccine or plan to vaccinate soon.

Clinical Guides

Physician assistants & nurse practitioners: Action Guide

Nurses & medical assistants: Action Guide

Print Resources

PDPH postcards and posters promoting pediatric and HPV vaccine.

Online Resources

New research reinforcing starting HPV vaccination at age 9.

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