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Private COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement 

Private COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement 

Commercialization of COVID-19 vaccines is occurring next week. VFC Providers are required to match vaccines on the private side. We have created an FAQ to assist providers through this transition. 

Take these steps now to plan which COVID-19 vaccines you will purchase privately: 

  1. Review the anticipated presentations of vaccine products.
  2. Decide which products you plan to carry for your pediatric population. You may need to order more than one product to vaccinate all the children you see who are between 6 months – 18 years of age. You do not need to order multiple products for the same age group. 
  3. Establish relationships with manufacturer(s) for the vaccine products you plan to offer.

Review anticipated presentations of products

Establish relationships with manufacturers

Reach out to these pharmaceutical representatives to prepare your practice to order private stock of COVID-19 vaccine:

Once we have more information about VFC COVID-19 vaccine ordering, we will release resources and trainings to provide further guidance in this process.