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LogTag Version 3: Optional Update

LogTag Version 3: Optional Update

The newest version of LogTag is now available. If you would like to update your software, you or your IT department can download LogTag Version 3 here.

Once downloaded, configure the software so that you can easily download the required temperature files and reset the DDL.

Use the Version 3 guide below to assist you.

Important Information

  • This update is optional. Version 2 will continue to work. We are not currently requiring sites to update.
  • Version 3 is now the only LogTag software available for download. So, if you need to re-download the LogTag software (for example, you get a new computer), you will have to download Version 3 at that time.
  • This change does not affect PhilaVax. You should still upload to PhilaVax as usual.

Reach out with any questions to

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