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Deauthorized COVID-19 Products

Deauthorized COVID-19 Products

As a reminder, only the approved 2023 – 2024 COVID-19 products listed below may be administered at this time:

Authorized 2023 – 2024 Products
Formulation: Monovalent XBB.1.5

  • Pfizer 12+: NDC 00069-2362-10
  • Pfizer 5-11: NDC 59267-4331-02
  • Pfizer 6mo-4yrs: NDC 59267-4315-02
  • Moderna 12+: NDC 8077-0102-95
  • Moderna 6mo-11yrs: NDC 8077-0287-92
  • Novavax 12+: NDC 80631-0105-02

Previously authorized monovalent and bivalent COVID-19 products have been deauthorized since September 12, 2023 and should have been removed from your inventory. If any patients were vaccinated with deauthorized products after September 12, they should be re-vaccinated with one of the 2023 – 2024 products. 

Here is a visual of all deauthorized products for your reference. For general questions on COVID-19 vaccine, email

Additionally, if you are interested in providing COVID-19 vaccine to underinsured and uninsured adults and have not yet enrolled in the Bridge Access Program, please reach out to Bridge Coordinator, to begin enrollment.