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COVID-19 Vaccine Returns

COVID-19 Vaccine Returns

Unopened vaccines should be returned when:

  •  The manufacturer expiration date has passed.
  •  The vaccines are no longer viable due to out-of-range temperatures.
  •  The vaccine has passed its beyond-use-date (BUD).

When returning COVID-19 vaccines that have passed their beyond-use-date,
remember to select Other as the return reason and include “Past BUD [insert the
BUD date]” in the comments section.*

Process a return for expired or non-viable vaccines in PhilaVax. Use this guide to assist you in the return process.

*New BUD labels are available for order. View this recent advisory for the ordering page and BUD label instructions.  


When to waste vaccine:

  • Opened non-viable vaccines should be wasted out of inventory in
    PhilaVax. Use this guide to assist you in the wastage process.
  • Wasted vaccines include:
    • Open multi-dose vials where not all doses have been administered.
    • Broken vials/syringes.
    • Vaccine drawn up into a syringe but not administered.