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Author: Viviana Sanchez-Gomez

Quality Improvement Opportunity for VFC Providers

Quality Improvement Opportunity for VFC Providers

The Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) Program is a CDC initiative to help providers implement strategies that support their immunization activities.

VFC-enrolled practices are chosen by the CDC for IQIP enrollment each year. However, starting this project year (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024), VFC-enrolled practices may self-enroll in IQIP.

Practices that do not have pediatric patients capitated to them (e.g., shelter sites, sexual health clinics, and birthing hospitals) are not eligible to participate.

Why self-enroll in IQIP?

IQIP helps practices meet their goals of efficient and effective vaccination processes to ensure timely and complete vaccine coverage for all children.

How can IQIP participation serve pediatric departments and physicians?

  • IQIP efforts can be converted to group quality improvement (QI) projects, which can be eligible to fulfill the American Board of Pediatrics maintenance of certification (MOC) Part 4 requirements
  • IQIP can help residency programs develop QI projects and educational opportunities
  • Through IQIP, departments can meet national immunization quality metrics

What does IQIP offer?

Provider Quality Assurance (PQA) nurses through the Philadelphia Department of Health (PDPH) Immunization Program, in partnership with the CDC, offer guidance, practical recommendations, and technical support to practices aiming to increase their vaccination coverage rates.

The focus of IQIP is based on four CDC core strategies:

1. Facilitate patient return for vaccination
2. Leverage Immunization Information Systems (IIS) functionality to improve immunization practice.
3. Give a strong vaccine recommendation
4. Strengthen vaccination communications

Get in touch!

To enroll your practice in IQIP, contact your VFC Program PQA nurse Beth Smith at, Dom Shannon at, or Jennifer Malins at

For more information on how IQIP can serve pediatric departments and physicians, please contact our newly onboarded Immunization Program Medical Specialist, Dr. Mayssa Abuali, at

Learn more about IQIP!

Vaccine Shipment Delays During the December Holiday

Vaccine Shipment Delays During the December Holiday

Submit orders by Friday, December 8!

During the holiday season – from mid-December to early January – the distribution center that ships vaccine provided through the Vaccines for Children (VFC), Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR), and Bridge Access programs will have reduced shipping capacity. Orders submitted during this time will take longer than usual to ship.

To make sure that you have the vaccines you need during this time, submit orders by 12:00 PM on Wednesday, December 8. These will be processed and shipped out as usual. Be sure to check the status of your order within 2 business days of submitting.

Continue to check for tracking information daily as FedEx and UPS shipping delays continue. Use this job aid to assist you with reviewing this information.

Orders submitted after Friday, December 8 may not be delivered until the week of January 2, at the earliest. The distribution center will return to normal operations on January 2.

For assistance with completing your reconciliation or submitting your order, email our team at