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Our Programs

The Immunization Program Helps Keep Philadelphia Healthy

The Philadelphia Immunization Program runs the below programs which protect Philadelphia from vaccine preventable diseases.

PhilaVax: PhilaVax (formerly known as the KIDS Plus IIS) is the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s immunization information system (IIS). Using PhilaVax, you can search a patient’s immunization history, print school immunization forms, and more.

Vaccines for Children (VFC): The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program allows enrolled health care providers to give free vaccines to children. Clinics can enroll in VFC to remove financial barriers to immunization for children who are Medicaid-eligible, uninsured, under-insured, or Native American/Alaska Native.

Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR): The Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR) program makes vaccine available to providers throughout Philadelphia who serve uninsured adults at high-risk for vaccine preventable diseases. VFAAR provides enrolled providers with federally purchased vaccine at no cost.

Storage & Handling: The Storage and Handling program assists providers with setting up, maintaining, and documenting sites’ storage and handling of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Community Based Outreach: The Community Based Outreach team helps keep children, their families, and their communities safe by explaining the importance of vaccinations and informing them what vaccinations are required for day care and public-school enrollment.

Perinatal Hep B: The Perinatal Hep B program works with families and physicians to identify cases and ensure that at-risk children will not be infected with Hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Community Flu Clinics: Community Flu Clinics are held each year starting in October, as part of the citywide Community-based Influenza Vaccine Campaign. The program vaccinates adults ages 19 and older who do not have health insurance and have no alternative source for medical care, or who are unable to access their usual source of care. If you are interested in holding a flu clinic in your community, click on the above link to learn more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: The COVID-19 Vaccine Program aims to reduce COVID-19 related illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths. The Philadelphia Immunization Program is working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure COVID-19 vaccine is accessible to anyone in the city of Philadelphia who wish to be vaccinated.

Specific forms or documents can be found on our Forms & Resources page or on each program’s page.

Need Help or Support?

Please note! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic our staff is working remotely at off-site clinics and vaccination events. We urge all providers to email our team members rather than call them.

PhilaVax Hotline: Call our hotline, or email us with questions about using or transmitting data to the PhilaVax IIS. Call 215-685-6784 or email

Vaccine Specialists: Contact our vaccine specialists with questions about vaccine orders. Call 215-685-6728 or 215-685-6667 or email

DPH Provider Help: Contact the Department of Public Health (DPH) Provider Help with questions about training and inventory reconciliation. Call 215-685-6872 or 215-685-6490, or email

Storage & Handling: Contact our Storage & Handling team for questions about Digital Data Loggers (DDLs), out-of-range temperatures, and vaccine emergencies. Call 215-685-6777 or email

COVID Provider Help: Contact our COVID-19 team for questions about COVID-19 provider enrollment, quality assurance, and vaccine expiration questions. Email

Miscellaneous Inquiries: Don’t know who you need to reach? Email us at and we’ll help connect you with the right person or resources!

Need to Fax Us?

  • PhilaVax 215-238-6944
  • Vaccines For Children (VFC) 215-238-6948
  • Vaccines For Adults At Risk (VFAAR) 215-238-6948
  • Community Flu Campaign (CFC) 215-238-6948
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Program 215-685-6806

Meet Our Staff!

Immunization Program Operations

Amber Tirmal
Program Manager

Christine Wilson
Administrative Tech

Thang Song
Vaccine Equity Official

Angela Lewis
Grants Management Specialist

James Lutz
CDC Lead Public Health Advisor

Jerry Raju
IIS Support Clerk

Cydni Walker
Immunization Nurse

PhilaVax IIS

John Robison
IIS Manager

Jenna Jaxheimer
Deputy IIS Manager

Shelli Jenson
Immunization Epidemiologist

Adam Howsare
IIS Epidemiologist

Craig Volchko
IIS System Manager

Raf Echavarria
IIS Senior Programmer

Nicole Teberio
IIS Special Projects Manager

Cindy Kelly
IIS Lead Developer

Troy Brown
IIS Support Programmer

Krupa Unjia
IIS Systems Asst Lead

Hannah Liebow
Informatics Manager

Erica Groomes
IIS Interoperability Coordinator

Brian Jorgage
Senior Analyst

Justin Jean-Joseph
IIS Analyst

Jenny Rascento
Data Reporting Analyst

Helen Seleshi
Interoperability Specialist

Beweh Willor
IIS Asst. Interoperability Coord.

Mohan Nagaraja
IIS Outreach Manager

Renee Williams
IIS Outreach Specialist

Margarita Falu
IIS Outreach Specialist

Austin Fuoco
IIS Outreach Specialist

Jose Alicea
IIS Outreach Specialist

Paula Riley
IIS Outreach Specialist

Rachel Wojtkielewicz
IIS Outreach Specialist

Jamie Belfer
IIS Training Coord.

Routine Immunizations

Veronica Alvarez
CDC Public Health Advisor

Jillian Brown
Pediatric & Adult Vaccine Manager

Lorraine Matijkiw
IQIP Coordinator

Beth Smith
Provider Quality Assurance Nurse

Jennifer Malins
Provider Quality Assurance Nurse

Lyn Jordan
Immunization Program Assistant

Victor Obeck
VFC Coordinator

Kenya Mack
Adult Vaccine Coordinator

Nichole Holmes
Flu Project Coordinator

Charma Miller
Program Analyst

Angelica Echavarria
Provider Ordering Specialist

Sophia Kiang
PIC Coordinator

COVID-19 Vaccine Program

Melissa Novoa
Quality Assurance Manager

Alisha Conway
QA Enrollment & Specialist

Lana Staley
QA Enrollment & Specialist

Nyandra McFadden
COVID-19 Ordering and Enrollment Specialist

Hadeiya Toliver
Logistics Assistant

Julia Asbel
Logistics Assistant

Julia Toeldo
Logistics Assistant

Community Outreach

Tanya Jones
Community Based Outreach Coordinator

Nichole J Taylor
Community Based Outreach (CBO) Assistant Coordinator

Aleah McKenzie
Special Project Coordinator


Samm Deighan
Communications Coordinator

Aimee Lin
Assistant Communications Coordinator

Rishi Sharma
Communications Specialist

Sean Sass
Graphic & Web Designer