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Community Flu Clinics

Community Flu Clinics

The Philadelphia Immunization Program coordinates a citywide Community-based Influenza Vaccine Campaign for adults each year starting in October. The program vaccinates adults ages 19 and older who do not have health insurance and have no alternative source for medical care, or who are unable to access their usual source of care. By raising awareness about the importance of annual seasonal flu vaccines and increasing flu vaccinations in Philadelphia’s adult, uninsured population, we aim to decrease flu illness and complications.

How Can I Hold a Community Flu Clinic?

To participates, sites must:

  • Complete and sign the Community Flu Campaign registration form
  • Attend an online Community Flu Clinic training
  • Be approved by the Community Flu Clinic Coordinator

The site of the flu clinic must be open to the community. Only uninsured adult residents of Philadelphia who are age 19 and older may receive a dose of flu vaccine or the services to vaccinate campaign participants. Interested community members should reach out to Lyn Jordan at

How will My Flu Clinic be Advertised?

All approved and confirmed flu clinics will be advertised on the Philadelphia Department of Public Health website. Each clinic will also receive flyers to promote their upcoming flu clinic in their communities.

Ready to Hold a Community Flu Clinic?

Please contact for more details.