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Pediatric Pneumococcal Vaccine Updates

Pediatric Pneumococcal Vaccine Updates

As a reminder, Prevnar 20 (PCV20, Pneumococcal 20-valent Conjugant Vaccine; NDC 00005-2000-10) is now available to order for your VFC eligible patients. Prevnar 13 (PCV13) is no longer available to order through the VFC program. Please read our previous advisory on these changes.

To transition from PCV13 to Vaxnuvance (PCV15) or PCV20, providers can either:

  • Continue to use any remaining Prevnar 13 vaccines still on-hand through the expiration date before transiting to PCV15 or PCV20.
  • Return remaining doses of PCV13 after receiving a supply of VFC PCV15 or PCV20. Providers who choose to return PCV13 doses before the expiration date will not be penalized. Instructions on how to return vaccine can be found here. If returning PCV13 before expiration, please indicate “other” for the return reason (see step 6 of the job aid).

If you have clinical questions about Prevnar, please review these resources:

We will continue to provide updates as we get clarification from the CDC.

In you have additional questions, email, Victor Obeck, VFC Coordinator,