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Reporting Nonviable Vaccine

Expired VFC/VFAAR vaccine is product that exceeds the listed expiration date.

Spoiled VFC/VFAAR vaccine is product that has been exposed to out-of-range temperatures, and is no longer viable.

Wasted VFC/VFAAR vaccine is product that is in a broken vial/syringe, was drawn from a vial but never used, or product in an open vial that was never finished.

Report expired, spoiled, and wasted vaccine within 30 days after it expires, spoils, or is wasted. After reporting the expired/spoiled vaccine, clearly mark it, wait for a shipping label, then ship the vaccine back to McKesson. Do NOT discard expired and spoiled vaccine. It must be returned. You may discard wasted vaccine.

If you have been trained on reporting vaccine on KIDS Plus IIS then you must use that system. Login here. If you have not been trained, report vaccine using this form.