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Infant Immunization Project

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The Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Health Federation of Philadelphia are offering FREE patient safety/risk management CME credits for a class that covers early childhood immunizations.

Click here to learn how you can register for the Early Childhood Immunizations CME Opportunity.

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Topics Covered in Infant Immunization CME

  • Updates to the recommended immunization schedule
  • Vaccine immunology
  • Techniques for improving immunization rates
  • Local epidemiology
  • Special focus on Hep A & B, Rotavirus, Influenza, and DTaP

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Immunization During Pregnancy

There are two vaccines routinely recommended during pregnancy: a seasonal influenza vaccine and Tdap (to protect against pertussis). Vaccination during pregnancy allows the mother to transfer antibodies to the infant. This provides some protection against pertussis in early life, before infants are able to receive the primary DTaP series beginning at 2 months of age.

Pregnancy Immunization Resources

Pertussis Immunization Resources

Influenza Immunization Resources

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General Immunization

DTaP & Tdap

Hepatitis A



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General Immunization

DTaP & Tdap

Hepatitis A & B