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PhilaVax Users

Getting access to PhilaVax

Once your agreement is processed and approved, KIDS Plus IIS staff will contact you directly with your log-in information.

The data in PhilaVax is confidential. Users, health care entities, or schools who violate this agreement will have their account terminated and may face civil or criminal charges for improperly disclosing health information.

Violations of the Security and Confidentiality Agreement include:

  • Sharing your login and password with others, including co-workers
  • Using another person’s login and password
  • Sharing records with unauthorized users
  • Accessing records for research, presentations, or publications

PhilaVax requires user authentication, individual passwords changed every 90 days, and annually renewing the Security and Confidentiality Agreement. PhilaVax staff conduct extensive audits of user activity records, and revise the Confidentiality and Security procedures as industry standards are updated.