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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As a reminder, the last day to order COVID-19 vaccine was Thursday 8/3. Providers who continue to have COVID-19 vaccine inventory should continue to adhere to the requirements outlined in the Provider Agreement. Read on for specific guidance regarding delivery and reporting.


After 8/15, PDPH will no longer be delivering COVID-19 vaccine to providers. 

If you have any questions or your site is at risk of running out of COVID-19 vaccine, please contact the COVID-19 Logistics and Distribution Manager at


COVID-19 providers who continue to have PDPH-supplied COVID-19 vaccine are required to continue reporting all data and appropriately monitoring and storing vaccine. This includes:

  • Reporting inventory in Vaccine Finder
  • Monitoring and storing COVID-19 vaccine in approved storage units
  • Documenting temperature readings on paper logs
  • Reporting temperature readings every 28 days
  • Completing wastage reports in PhilaVax 

All data should be reported to the immunization information system (IIS), PhilaVax, no less than 72 hours after administration. If you observe a temperature excursion, contact immediately.

Bridge Access Program

COVID-19 vaccine providers interested in enrolling in the Bridge Access Program to continue offering COVID-19 vaccine to uninsured or underinsured adults after commercialization should continue monitoring their email for more information on the program.