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Vaccine resources

Vaccine resources: treating children and adults

Find resources on treating patients on this page.

Enrolled providers can request free outreach materials for your practice: click here to order VFC materials or  order VFAAR materials.

Recommended vaccination schedules

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) publishes recommended immunization schedules.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy

Sometimes, patients and parents are hesitant to accept vaccines – they may have heard some bad information, or they might not trust medical providers. Here are some resources to help with those situations:

Vaccine information statements


  • Report to PhilaVax: health care providers must report all immunizations administered in the City of Philadelphia to PhilaVax, Philadelphia’s Immunization Information System.
  • Report a disease: under Pennsylvania state law and Philadelphia city code, health care providers must report suspected or confirmed communicable diseases to the Philadelphia Department of Public health.
  • Vaccine adverse events reporting system: the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 requires health care professionals to report adverse events that happen after administering vaccines.

Other clinical resources

Training and education

We offer an Immunization Techniques Training Session for providers enrolled in the Vaccines for Children program. This half-day, interactive educational session focuses on the basics of vaccine preventable diseases, immunization administration techniques, and pediatric immunization schedules. Check Events to see if there are any scheduled sessions.

Education Sessions tailored for your VFC site’s needs: VFC 101, Vaccine Storage and Handling, or ACIP Immunization Schedule trainings. You can request these through your VFC Nurse.